Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse Ritual: Shadow Work & Bad B***h Energy

Kailah T.

Full Moon in Leo + Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual:

Shadow Work and Bad Bitch Energy

Tonight’s full moon is the first full moon of 2019 and it's a powerful one. Not only does this full moon find itself in vibrant and expressive Leo; she’ll also be making a full eclipse which should make for a beautiful Blood Moon/Supermoon tonight (Oh, Leo. You always find a way to do the absolute most, don’t you?). While I am not an astrologer, I’ve found astrology to be an incredibly illuminating tool in my spiritual practice. I’ve learned some general information along the way, and strongly believe that moon rituals should be informed by a general understanding of the moon’s placement, implications of the moon’s placement, and AT LEAST your personal sun sign. Seriously girl, get your birth chart read if you haven’t already

This year I’ll be creating and sharing moon rituals for each full moon based on some general information about the moon’s placement each month. So, to start, let’s break down the general implications of tonight's stunning celestial events:

Full Moon in Leo: To make it plain,  Moon in Leo = Bad Bitch Energy. Your inner lioness called and she said 2019 is yours. The sun sign Leo is a magnetic creative leader. When the moon lands in Leo, it's a good time to lean into Leo’s confident energy and allow it to guide you in your intention setting. Get creative. Take this time to meditate on your goals and turn them into PLANS. But, make no mistake, being a bad bitch means being accountable first. While diving into creative energy and making big plans is thrilling, you will have to be willing to confront the ways in which you have been holding yourself back if you want to set anything into motion. Which leads us to the Eclipse...

Full Lunar Eclipse: A lunar eclipse takes place when the full moon enters the Earth’s shadow, and is a gorgeous event to witness from our respective little dots here on Earth. These full moons are especially powerful, and surface our own personal shadows. Your shadow is comprised of the parts of yourself you that you hide in shame or fear. Despite sounding a bit creepy, shadow work is vital for sharing your light. Work with your shadow and examine areas that need your attention so that all of that delicious, creative Leo energy can be useful to you. The universe is always pushing us towards balance, and this eclipse will give you the opportunity to ground yourself in the awareness of what you have been running from before you power full speed into 2019.

January 2019 Full Moon Ritual:

The theme for this month’s ritual is balance. We are going to do some light shadow work, release the limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck, and diving deep into creating the energy we want to experience for the rest of 2019.

  • Cleanse your space with rosemary, palo santo, or sage (use whatever smudge resonates with you in this moment, rely on your intuition).
  • Take a few deep, grounding breaths to calm your mind and body. This may also be a good time to make a mild calming tea like chamomile or lavender.
  • Write down 3 of your long-term goals for 2019. Be specific.
  • Under each goal, write down one way that you are currently working against yourself in manifesting these goals. (ex: you want to meditate daily but won’t wake up early to do it).  Be specific here, too. This will likely feel uncomfortable. Take breaks if you need to, but see it through.
  • On another page, examine these habits that limit you more deeply. Do some flow of consciousness journaling about how these patterns developed. Have you always started things and quit them? Why? At what point do you usually decide to quit? Do you typically self-sabotage when life starts to look up? What does that self-sabotage look like? What fears are the loudest in your head?
  • After you feel clear about the areas where you have been limiting yourself, imagine what things would look like if you were no longer engaging in those behaviors. How would your body feel? How would your everyday start to look? Dream big here. Write down every single detail of how you would like your life to look. This is where manifestation starts. When you finish, post this page in a sacred space so that future meditations center around this energy.
  • Go back to the first two pages and either burn them in a heat-safe container or imagine them being consumed by fire if actual fire is not an option for you. If you are unable to burn the pages, be sure to dispose of them and remove them from your home after the visualization exercise. This is part of the ritual is important, as you are removing all energy attached to your limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Last step: now that you’ve done the work, it’s time to re-center. Channel that luxurious Leo moon energy and indulge your inner goddess. Go the extra mile in the self-care department. Throw some flowers in your bath water, adorn yourself with things that make you feel beautiful, and make some time to do something that brings you joy without interruptions.

This ritual is bit lengthy, so take your time. Feel free to break it down into a couple of days if you need to. Again, this full moon is powerful and your ritual will still be effective if it takes you a few days to finish. I can’t wait to share what surfaces for me during this process, and I hope you’ll share your magic with me as well :)

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